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Residency laws in Spain are now providing real opportunity for foreign nationals from anywhere in the world to obtain permanent residency. As the new laws require property investment in Spain of 500,000 Euro minimum anyone who has ever undertaken business or visited Spain will know that the culture in Spain is very much geared to relaxation and a slow pace of life! Unfortunately this extends to bureaucracy and government departments are not as responsive as most foreign nationals may be used to in their own country.

Our experienced legal and property team are able to fast track systems by working close with the relevant departments required thus minimizing the formalities. Basically we do the tedious paper chasing for you which involves actual leg work meetings and registrations. To do this on your own is a very tall order!

Initial services will include:

  1. Property sourcing and negotiation via our award winning property team. (you can purchase a portfolio of properties if revenue is required for example)
  2. Visa visitations arranged by our respected lawyers.
  3. Taxation explained and implemented to best suit your situation

Leading to:

  • Property purchase and registration
  • Permanent residency permit
  • Health and medical care
  • After sales services as required
  • School and University assistance


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